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Watt's Up Meter

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The Watt's Up is perfect for situations when you need to evaluate project current and energy needs, prevent peak currents damaging a battery, for operating motors, balancing battery cells, setting cutoff voltages and more. Each Watt's Up has been equipped with two sets of wires marked "SOURCE" and "LOAD" as well as a 16x2 black-on-green sharp LCD screen.

Model/Varenr.: PRT-14331

331,70 DKK

Lagerstatus: På fjernlager, bestil før Fredag kl 15 og varen afsendes tirsdag ugen efter.

Let's say "what's up" to the Watt's Up Meter! The Watt's Up makes it easy to measure a project’s charge/energy demands and battery capacity, capture peak power and measure high currents. All functions missing from most multimeters. An all-in-one digital DC amp meter, Watt's Up measures current, voltage and time - and from those measurements calculates peak current, peak power, minimum voltage, power (W), energy (Wh)and charge (Ah) values for you, in real time, for the circuit in which you connect it.


  • Measures 8 DC Values:
    • Amps: (0–100 peak)
    • Peak Amps
    • Peak Watts
    • Amp-Hours (Ah): (0–65)
    • Watt-hours (Wh): (0–6554)
    • Watts: (0–6554)
    • Minimum Voltage (“sags”)
    • Voltage: (0–60)
  • Built-in current shunt resistor
  • Easily resets accumulated readings using external pushbutton switch
  • Self-powered (~ 0.007 Amps) or uses an auxiliary battery
  • No computer needed
  • Accuracy within 1%
  • ISO 9001
  • Made in the USA



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