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Industrial RS485 Opto-Isolated Hub


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  • Instruction manual
  • Introduction

    This 4-Port RS485 bus split hub is specially designed to meet the requirements of RS485 large-scale systems in complex electromagnetic environments. Its transmission reaches up to 115.2Kbps. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of data communication, the RS485 interface adopts photoelectric isolation technology to prevent lightning surge from being introduced into converters and equipment. The built-in opto-isolator and 600W surge protection circuit can provide an isolation voltage of 2500V, which can effectively suppress interference such as surge and electrostatic discharge. Besides, the product adopts an external switch power supply, safe and reliable, which makes it suitable for outdoor engineering applications.

    In the RS485 working mode, the hub can provide more than 1200m transmission distance while working stably. The discrimination circuit inside can automatically sense the data flow direction, and switch the enable control circuit, which solves the problem of RS485 transmission and reception conversion delay, and can be widely used in power acquisition systems. It is a data interface conversion module with excellent performance.

    Industrial RS485 Opto-Isolated Hub

    The hub provides star RS485 bus connection, and each port has short-circuit and open-circuit protection. The optical isolation voltage is up to 2500V, and users can easily improve the RS485 bus structure, divide network segments, and improve communication reliability. When lightning strikes or equipment malfunctions occur, the faulty network segment will be isolated to ensure that other network segments can work normally, which greatly improves the reliability of the existing RS485 network and effectively shortens the maintenance time of the network.


  • Interface Characteristics: The interface is compatible with EIA/TIA's RS-232C and RS-485 standards
  • Electrical Interface: 10-position pluggable terminal blocks on both sides
  • Transmission Medium: twisted pair or shielded wire
  • Working Mode: asynchronous half-duplex
  • Working Power Supply: 9V~30VDC/150mA
  • Signal Indication: 7 signal indicator lights, power (PWR), sending (TXD), receiving (RXD), malfunction (E1-E4)
  • Isolation: isolation voltage 2500V
  • Transmission Rate: 300bps~115.2Kbps
  • Protection Level: RS-232 port ±15kV ESD protection, RS-485 port 600W lightning surge protection per line
  • Transmission Distance: 0~5km (115.2Kbps~300bps)
  • Usage Environment: temperature -25℃~70℃, relative humidity 5%~95%, altitude ≤3000m
  • Size: 120mm*77mm*40mm / 4.72*3.03*1.57 inch
  • Shipping List

  • Industrial RS485 Opto-Isolated Hub x1
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