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DFRobot Beetle BLE - The Smallest Board Based on Arduino Uno with Bluetooth 4.0


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Project 1. How to Make a Jumping Paper Frog
Back in the 80’s and 90’s kids made their own toys like paper planes and spinning tops. These toys accompanied them throughout their childhood. Now let's make a frog.


1. Bluno Beetle controller
2. 3.7V Battery
3. Analog Sound Sensor ( compatible with Arduino)
4. Player module

Beetle Project 5: DIY Deer Clock

Project introduction: We are going to make a table clock showing time in a lovely way. This product has quite a cute look and the LED screen makes it cool.

The hardware you need to do this project:

Gravity: I2C SD2405 RTC Module


FireBeetle Covers-24×8 LED Matrix (White)

Micro USB cable

Project 6. Application Tutorials of FireBeetle Board - ESP32 BLE: Smarten a Plugboard

What you have seen is a smart plugboard that converted by the ESP32 master board and controlled by the BLE of ESP32.

Hardware in need:

Project 7. How To Make A Smart Clock with ESP32?

I’ve always been dreaming of making a desktop clock without complex functions, just smaller and can display time.




  • Bluno Beetle Simple Tutorial (With Explanatory Images)
    2015-03-12 00:00:00
  • If we can't play Pokemon Go, let’s make an AR Pikachu
    2016-09-07 07:09:53
  • Beetle Controller Selection Guide
    2022-03-30 15:50:04



The Beetle Ble (Former name as Bluno Beetle)  is a board based on Arduino Uno with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE).  It is probably the smallest BLE board in the market.  It uses standard Arduino IDE to upload codes via without any extra library and drivers.  This Beetle BLE is another milestone in the Beetle line, which makes DIY users have more options in the project design. It is fully compatible with Bluno in instructions and procedures. Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon modes. You may also check the Bluetooth microcontroller selection guide to get more information. 

The Beetle BLE is a super tiny and low-cost Arduino-compatible board with Bluetooth 4.0. The Beetle BLE can be used for disposable projects, such as DIY projects, workshops, gift projects, E-Textiles wearable, and educational. For students and makers who can not afford too much on hardware purchasing, Beetle can be a great solution for them. 

Just like a native Arduino board, but with Bluetooth 4.0. An APP called Play Bluno is available on IOS and Android which gives quick access to this little tiny board.  
It not only supports USB programming but also wireless uploading method. With the V-shaped gilded I/O interface, it is convenient to screw conductor wire on it, which could a good choice in the wearable market. 

Introduction to Bluno Series
Introduction to Bluno Series


  • ATmega328@16MHz
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BT 4.0)
  • Micro USB port
  • Super Compact Size
  • Support Bluetooth HID and ibeacon
  • Compatible with all DFRobot Bluno Series
  • Support Wireless Programming


  • Bluetooth Chip: CC2540
  • Sensitivity: -93dBm
  • Working Temperature:-10 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ 
  • Maximun Distance:50m(1968.50")(Open field)
  • Microcontroller: ATmega328
  • Clock frequency: 16 MHz
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Input voltage: <8V (Vin < 8V)
  • Digital Pin x4
  • Analog Pin x4
  • PWM Output x2
  • UART interface x1
  • I2C interface x1
  • Micro USB interface x1
  • Power port x2
  • Size:28.8mm X 33.1mm(1.13" x 1.30")
  • Weight:10g

Shipping List

  • Beetle BLE x1

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