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Varenr. DFR0999

Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C)


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Why did we develop this module?

DFRobot has provided users with hundreds of sensors of all kinds. However, many of them output raw electrical signals like current, voltage, etc., and to obtain data in standard units of physical quantities, users need to look for relevant information in the product datasheets and convert data by formulas or coding. Meanwhile, the data format varies with different sensors, so each sensor requires a specific control program to be written. These would raise the bar for using sensors. Therefore, DFRobot develops this Gravity: Science Data Acquisition (SCI DAQ) module that allows users to get sensor data in a simpler way.

What is the Gravity: Science Data Acquisition (SCI DAQ) Module?

The Gravity: SCI DAQ Module is a powerful and highly integrated data acquisition module that incorporates features such as screen display, automatic sensor recognition, sensor calibration, data logging, RTC clock, and data conversion to make data acquisition more convenient and efficient. In addition, the SCI DAQ module has versatile power options and can output physical quantity data collected by sensors through an I2C interface, compatible with micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, UNIHIKER, etc.

Interfaces of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C)

- Screen Display: The Science Data Acquisition Module has a built-in screen that can display real-time sensor data, making it easier for users to observe.

- Plug-and-play: The Science Data Acquisition Module can automatically recognize the type of I2C sensor connected, eliminating the need for manual settings and improving ease of use.

Wiring Diagram of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C) and sensors

- Support Sensor Calibration: The Science Data Acquisition module can perform sensor calibration on the board. Sensors such as PH and TDS that require calibration before use can be quickly calibrated on the SCI acquisition module, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Wiring Diagram of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C) and TDS Sensor

- Data Logging: The Science Data Acquisition Module has 16M of onboard storage, capable of storing more than 400,000 pieces of data. The stored data can be exported to a computer via a Type-C interface, making it convenient for users to analyze and process data.

- RTC Clock: The Science Data Acquisition Module has a high-precision real-time clock (RTC) that can log the time stamp for each data acquisition. This helps users easily track data trends and quickly perform data analysis and processing.

Wiring Diagram of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C) and Temperature and humidity sensors

- Data Conversion: The Science Data Acquisition Module can automatically convert the raw signals from sensors into physical quantity data and output them in a uniform format of "timestamp name1:value1 unit1, name2:value2 unit2". It can also obtain specific values or units for a given name. The SCI DAQ module unifies the data format of different sensors, eliminating the need to load individual library codes for each sensor when programming. This greatly simplifies the programming process and reduces the difficulty of obtaining data from development boards such as micro:bit and Arduino.

Wiring Diagram of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C) and UV sensors

- Versatile Power Options: The Science Data Acquisition module supports multiple power supply options, including Type-C interface, PH2.0 battery port, and I2C interface. Users can choose different power supply methods to flexibly meet different needs in different scenarios. If mobile data acquisition is required for outdoor practices, users can use battery power via the PH2.0 battery port, while I2C interface power can start working just by connecting to the development boards. Regardless of the power supply method used, the SCI DAQ Module can ensure stable operation, providing users with a reliable data acquisition experience.

Charging diagram of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C)

Now, the SCI DAQ Module already supports over 20 popular sensors, such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, oxygen concentration, and more. In the future, we will continue to expand the number of supported sensors, bringing more application scenarios to users. Whether in scientific exploration, interdisciplinary teaching, or IoT applications, the SCI DAQ Module will be an indispensable data acquisition tool.

How to use?

- Using the SCI DAQ module alone: Insert the sensor into the SCI DAQ module, connect the battery and screen, and the sensor data will be displayed in real-time. You can also store the sensor data collected in the onboard storage space and export it in CSV format for further analysis, which can help you quickly complete exploratory experiments.

- Using it in conjunction with Arduino: Connecting SCI DAQ module to Arduino. Regardless of which sensor is connected to the SCI DAQ module, the Arduino can use the same code command to obtain the physical quantity data collected by the sensor, reducing programming difficulty. Because users can customize and write Arduino programs, they can more flexibly process and control sensor data, providing endless possibilities for various applications.


Compatibility of Gravity: SCI DAQ Module with Screen (I2C)

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5.5V DC
  • Operating Current: 40mA
  • Output Signal: I2C (0x21-0x23)
  • Input Interface: 1 x Digital/Analog, 2 x I2C/UART
  • Onboard Storage: 16M
  • RTC Battery: CR1220
  • Screen Info: 1.3 inches OLED
  • Product Dimension: 625213mm/2.442.050.51"
  • Shipping List
  • Gravity: SCI DAQ Module x1
  • Double-headed PH2.0-4P Cable 20cm x2
  • Double-headed PH2.0-3P Cable 20cm x1
  • Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor Cable x1
  • Documents
  • Product wiki

  • Tutorials

  • 1. Build a Conductivity Tester
  • 2. Plant Monitoring System
  • 3. Discover Color, Light and Heat
  • 4. Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  • 5. Air Quality Tracking and Analysis
  • Applications
  • Scientific exploration: Improve the efficiency and accuracy of scientific exploration
  • Interdisciplinary teaching: Allow teachers and students to easily complete interdisciplinary teaching, enrich teaching content, and improve teaching quality
  • Agriculture and environmental monitoring: Collaborate with various environmental sensors for use in agriculture, water quality monitoring, meteorological observation, and other fields
  • IoT applications: Function as a data acquisition module for IoT devices to achieve remote data transmission and control.
  • Optional Parts
  • Gravity: Analog pH Sensor
  • Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor
  • Gravity: Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor
  • Gravity: Analog Sound Level Meter
  • Gravity: Formaldehyde (HCHO) Sensor
  • Gravity: Analog Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Gravity: Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Kit
  • Gravity: SHT31-F Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Gravity: I2C VEML7700 Ambient Light Sensor
  • Gravity: ICP-10111 Pressure Sensor
  • Gravity: Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor
  • Gravity: Electrochemical Ozone Sensor
  • Gravity: ENS160 Air Quality Sensor
  • Gravity: Air Pressure Sensor(15-700kPa) 
  • Gravity: BMM150 Triple Axis Magnetometer Sensor
  • Gravity: I2C 1Kg Weight Sensor Kit
  • Gravity: MAX30102 PPG Heart Rate and Oximeter Sensor
  • Gravity: URM09 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Gravity: AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Sensor
  • Gravity: PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor
  • Gravity: I2C Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor
  • Gravity: I2C Digital Wattmeter
  • Gravity: I2C SCD41 Infrared CO2 Sensor
  • Gravity: GNSS GPS BeiDou Receiver Module
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